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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Breaking the Chains of Fear

Last week, I collaborated with a very talented photographer to create this image:
"In Chains" ©Kelsey Campion
When the photographer described "In Chains" to me, I couldn't help but relate the concept of the image to my own life. The subject is chained - to what, we don't necessarily know - yet she is somehow content, so much so that she is able to fall asleep in her captivity.

For me, the chain is not attached to a person or an object, but to a concept - fear. It could be fear of the unknown or fear of failure, as both have been known to paralyze me, but only because I've let them.

In the spring of 2012, I woke up. I realized I wasn't following my dreams because I was afraid I would fail. While still chained, I began to write a novel in secret. Upon its completion, I felt proud of myself. My pride gave me power and courage. I broke the chain, and shared my work with the world.

Did I meet rejection? YES! Time and again. But did I fail? NO. How can you fail by sharing a piece of yourself with others?

I would have failed if I let fear cripple me and put my talents to sleep. Instead, I confronted my fears. I challenge you to do the same, the same way I still challenge myself to defeat my fears in other aspects of my life.

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