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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Learning at Home by Rhonda Cratty

Learning at Home gives parents an idea each week with which to challenge and motivate their children.

Excerpt: Family Gardens Trigger Curiosity

Take a trip to your library and find gardening books. Then read, research, plan, and shop for your garden together. Let your child watch you learn and develop new skills from research. As they watch your positive attitude toward learning and mastering gardening, you encourage learning within your child.

Let it be their garden:
-Filled with their favorite vegetables to eat.
-An ABC flower garden, filled with plants from A to Z.
-They could make it in the shape of a heart, a star, or a magic old English rock trough.

Some “tiny-vegetables” with which to charm young gardeners are:
‘La Belle’ - mini filet bean
‘Little Ball’ - mini baby beet
‘Planet’ - a small, ball-shaped carrot
‘Early Aviv’ - baby onions
‘Cherries Jubilee’ - tiny potato
‘Munchkin’ - mini pumpkins

Even with the smallest, most unlikely spaces, you can awaken the love of gardening in your children.

One of the best books to instill the love of gardens in your children is Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden.

Rhonda Cratty includes her experiences of 30 years of public school teaching, raising children of her own, and articles written for on-line and hard copy publications within the pages of Learning at Home. This new parent resource can be purchased through Amazon. For more information visit famfunlearn.com.

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